Find frequently asked questions, information and facts about The Orthopedic Review like how we work, how to list your orthopedic practice and more.
Facts About The Orthopedic Review

General Questions
What is Orthopedics?
The branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles.

What is The Orthopedic Review?
The Orthopedic Review is a review & provider listing directory that provides information on Orthopedic Providers with patient reviews & comments

Do you have Terms & Conditions?
Yes! You can view them here…

Do You have a License Agreement?
Yup! Check it out by clicking here…

FAQs for Patients
I am a patient and I cannot find the Area of Pain that I am experiencing. Can it be added?
Email to get the Orthopedic Review Team to add that Area of Pain to our list, so we can help you and many others experiencing that type of orthopedic pain.

How do I review a Provider?
Find the provider on The Orthopedic Review, visit the review tab & write a review about that provider.

I wrote a review but I do not see it. Where did it go?
There is a 24-48 hour wait time for all published reviews. All reviews written on The Orthopedic Review will be thoroughly screened for quality, to protect our consumers and providers from fraudulent reviews or reviews written for monetary compensation.

Do you have a Privacy Policy for Patients?
Of course! Click Here to view it…

FAQs for Providers
I am an Orthopedic Provider. How Do I Submit my Listing?
Click Here to Submit a Listing.

How do I become a Featured Listing?
Click Here to Read More about our Featured Listings on The Orthopedic Review

What Are Your Price Points for your Packages?
Click Here to Read More About our Pricing Options for Providers

Do you have a Terms & Conditions and License Agreement for Providers?
Yes Sir! Click here to view it…

Which payment portal do you use when you become a Featured Listing?
We are currently using PayPal. We may switch to another payment portal in the future, but for now we are currently using PayPal.

I am a provider and I do not see my Area of Expertise. How do I add it?
Email us at for us to add your specific Area of Expertise.
Example: You are an Orthopedic Surgeon that specializes in ACL Repair but you do not see ACL Repair listed.

Want to ask us a question? Use our easy contact form or by emailing us directly at